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The growing internationalisation of businesses and the dramatic increase in the global competitive environment, across all sectors, has originated that most companies are nowadays regarding the need to have qualified executives as a strategic asset of highest value.

It is no longer possible to trust the “old boys network” recruitment process, based on relatives’ recommendations.

Companies must build their management teams with the best professionals they can, and that best match both the position and the company culture, selected according to impartiality, integrity and competence criteria.

Our clients benefit from both our staff’s familiarity with local conditions and from every advantage of working with state-of-the art solid international methodologies with proven results in four continents.

The secret of our success derives from the fact that we have progressively adapted those practices during the last 13 years, resulting in a “unique offer” of high quality and competitive services that are continuously matching the changing needs of our clients.

Carlos de Melo Heitor
Managing Partner