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Code of Professional Ethics

Glasford Portugal is an independent organization, entirely owned by its Partners, that are full time Consultants, and is in no way dependent on any economic, financial or industrial group, and that is governed by an extremely strict code of professional ethics:

• Qualifications

Glasford Portugal will accept only those assignments that we are qualified to undertake on the basis of full knowledge of the client situation and the professional competence and capacity of the consultants involved.

• Client Relationship

Glasford Portugal will, in each assignment undertaken, define in writing what constitutes “the client organisation”. We will not recruit or cause to be recruited any person from the defined client organisation for a period of two years after the completion of such assignment, unless the firm and the client agree in writing to an exception.
Glasford Portugal will disclose to the client limitations arising through service to other clients that may affect the scope of the search assignment.

• Confidentiality

Glasford Portugal shall regard as totally confidential all information concerning the business affairs of their clients and of candidates.

• Exclusivity

Glasford Portugal does not work under “special terms” that do not further either the client’s or the candidate’s professional interests. For this reason, we only undertake assignments that we are awarded on an exclusive basis and where the Client settles part of the fees in advance.

• Objectivity

As the executive search consultant is retained and paid by the client to be completely objective in the evaluation of candidates, under no circumstances Glasford Portugal accept payment for counselling or assisting an individual to find employment.